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Reinforced Rebar ensures durability and is fundamental to virtually all buildings of any scale or complexity. Reinforcing Ironworkers Local Union 46 specializes in assembling and installing steel bars, known as rebar, inside concrete forms to reinforce the construction of highways, buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other structures susceptible to damage and collapse in the event of a natural disaster.

Local 46 also ensures the precision of suspended ceilings in all buildings, commercial or residential. Our Lathers take pride in the installation of black iron, uni-strut, metal lath, hanger and inserts for all ceilings and any and all other types of work involving the use of metal framing and all furring of any and all types, for attaching and /or applying a plastic or precast material, or a base thereof.

Local 46’s highly trained, high-quality Reinforcing Ironworkers and Lathers serve clients throughout New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Westchester, and Southern part of Rockland County.  Our objective is to help our clients and our members prosper by providing the most productive, cost-effective, quality-minded workforce adept at properly strengthening concrete structures, preventing structural hazards, installing the best suspending ceilings, and providing the safest work site possible.


Local 46 provides trained professional Reinforcing Ironworkers and Lathers to commercial, industrial, and residential building contractors. Local Union 46 also operates an apprenticeship program to ensure the ongoing availability of trained, qualified workers.

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